Stonehaven Classes

Stonehaven Classes

I offer a range of small group classes for all abilities at my studio in Stonehaven. The small group classes mean you get the attention you need and I will alsways be checking and correcting form to ensure your workouts are safe and as effective as possible.

Glutes & Abs

Targeted body-weight exercises that will make sure that you strengthen and tone the most important areas of your body. Low impact movements suitable for all fitness levels.

Combat Conditioning

Martial-arts themed. Integrating strikes and kicks with bodyweight muscular endurance moves. Perfect to burn off the stresses of your day!

YBell® MetCon

Metabolic conditioning class with the revolutionary Y Bell®. Excusive to SDH fitness, you can use the all-in-one Y Bell like a dumbbell, kettlebell Med ball and press-up stands! If you want everything in one class – strength, muscular endurance and sweat! – This is for you.


What better way to get fit and feel better than in the open-air, in a private garden! Wide variety of fun exercises for any ability taking full advantage of the outdoors.”


Maximum Calorie Burn! High intensity, bodyweight movements. No equipment required, just lots of energy!