Why Dogs Are an Active Person’s Best Friend

There are several reasons why dogs are man’s best friend. People learn many things from a dog’s personality, demeanor, resiliency, behavior, and, most importantly, the willingness to provide unconditional love to all family members. Companionship and loyalty are down to their last breath.

Many scientific studies document the health benefits of living with a dog. Recent studies highlighted the following as important health benefits of living with a dog:

· Longer lifespan

· Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

· Reducing the adverse health effects of staying alone

· Decreased asthma and allergies in children

· Increased opportunities for health-beneficial socialization

The truth is: dogs are freaking smart, the great motivational tools to human beings. Dogs have been a human’s best friend for more than 15,000 years. Researchers have evaluated that people owning a dog are likely to experience more physical activity and better health.

Follow-ups on the human-dog relationship importance studies mentioned above show that every person with at least one dog wishes to have a canine companion. Dogs also choose to stay with humans to receive shelter, food, safety, and warmth. A mutual relationship exists in which dogs offer great company to humans, and dogs are more excited when they see people; therefore, humans will do anything to keep this beneficial relationship.