Stonehaven Classes

I offer a range of small group classes for all abilities at my studio in Stonehaven. The small group classes mean you get the attention you need and I will alsways be checking and correcting form to ensure your workouts are safe and as effective as possible.

Glutes & Abs

Targeted body-weight exercises that will make sure that you strengthen and tone the most important areas of your body. Low impact movements suitable for all fitness levels.

Combat Conditioning

Martial-arts themed. Integrating strikes and kicks with bodyweight muscular endurance moves. Perfect to burn off the stresses of your day!

YBell® MetCon

Metabolic conditioning class with the revolutionary Y Bell®. Excusive to SDH fitness, you can use the all-in-one Y Bell like a dumbbell, kettlebell Med ball and press-up stands! If you want everything in one class – strength, muscular endurance and sweat! – This is for you.


What better way to get fit and feel better than in the open-air, in a private garden! Wide variety of fun exercises for any ability taking full advantage of the outdoors.”


Maximum Calorie Burn! High intensity, bodyweight movements. No equipment required, just lots of energy!

Fitness Fit With Hits

There’s nothing quite like jabs and uppercuts to train your mind and body. An immensely enjoyable class with fucus-pad, boxing drills. All equipment provided.

YBell Sculpt

Targeted movements to sculpt and tone your muscles whilst improving your posture using YBells.

Kettlebells With YBells

Discover the once-secret training weapon from Russia. It’s a fantastic total body workout that combines power and strength to build stamina and total body strength.