Ageing is inevitable. But is Deterioration?

If you are near the age of 50, you are perhaps half way through your adult life.

At this point in your life, you may be faced with a ‘fork in the road’ where you can choose a slow and gradual decline on functional and cognitive capacity or, many years of a fulfilment and independence through healthy choices.

The benefits of healthy choices are numerous – let’s summarize

“Start moving it before you start losing it”

Getting and staying fit is very rewarding with many benefits. From the moment you start you’ll notice positive improvement, you’ll feel better, you’ll start to look better, your skin will look healthier, you’ll notice improvement in your mental agility, any stress you have will reduce, you’ll start to look better in your clothes and your sleep quality will improve. And there is now research that indicates that exercise will even reduce the risk of depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If you make your health and wellness path part of you daily activity you will find it actually starts to become pleasurable. These are the reasons that keep me motivated to keep my weight in a healthy range and exercise at least five out of seven days. I really enjoy being fit and healthy, I’m passionate about it and I tell everybody about it..

Nutrition and fitness go together.

Nutrition refers to the nourishment of your body and fitness refers to your state of our health and well-being. As stated earlier what we put into our body and in what amount will determine our overall health, our risk of developing diseases and the quality of our lives. Improving our nutrition and fitness will help us control our weight and will reduce our risk of disease. A good diet will help to control our stress levels, moods and improve the quality of our sleep.

Improve your Brainpower & Productivity.

Many studies have revealed that regular exercise doesn’t just improve our physical wellbeing it also improves our mental agility and capacity. Other studies show that regular exercise can help and improve concentration, boost creativity and enthusiasm for life.

Increased strength

Strength training is a great way to increase our metabolic rate, which will help your body burn more calories throughout the day. It also increases our lean muscle mass and overall strength, helping you to workout longer and have more energy. Maintaining muscle is also great defence from Type 2 Diabetes.

Increase Bone Density

As we age, inactivity (and just getting older) can lead to our bones decreasing in density and becoming more brittle, leading to diseases like osteoporosis (and being at higher risk for injuries). By doing regular strength training, research has proven that you can both increase your bone density and work to prevent osteoporosis.

Prevent Injury

One of the best ways to prevent and heal injuries is to strengthen the muscles around them. A large portion of sport-related, as well as life-related injuries can be prevented by properly strengthening both your muscles and joints. If you do endure an injury, strength training can help heal it faster by strengthening the muscles affected and speeding up recovery time.

Look and feel better

In my view nothing is more satisfying than the feeling after a great workout. Strength training may be painful at times, but the effects that stronger muscles and joints can have on our bodies is very worthwhile. Being stronger can impact your posture and your overall muscle tone. All of these things combined lead to increased confidence and higher self-esteem. Strength training can also help you age more gracefully, as it keeps you alive and vibrant.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Brisk walking, jogging, swimming, bike riding in fact any exercise that elevates your heart rate is cardiovascular exercise. The benefits include improved fitness and toning, weight loss (if your diet is right) and improved overall health. Everyone should do some form of cardio workout every single day, especially for those of us who work in an office or cannot stay active during the day.

Other benefits can include: Weight loss and muscle toning, endurance and stamina. Increased bone density and increased energy levels, stress relief, and reduced risk of heart disease and stroke.

So can you really
“Delay the onset of Ageing?”
I believe you can.

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