Why You Can’t Fail (Cause It’s a Learning Experience, Everything You Do Gets You a Little Closer to Your Goal)

Overcome the fear of failure: you CAN’T fail! We all learn from our errors, and no one is perfect enough not to commit any mistakes. Learning from failures is important. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has to be your own failures; learn also from the mistakes and errors of the people who went before you.
You should be proud of your mistakes. Don’t feel horrible because of mere errors. Mistakes help us gain knowledge in our fields. Any successful individual will tell you for free that without some failures along the way, the journey wouldn’t be what it is today.
Here are some of the reasons why failures and everything you do will get you closer to your goal:
· Failures trigger creativity and enable us to think outside the box.
· Mistakes and errors make us resilient; we can understand the adversity of overcoming challenges.
· Failure teaches us humanity; we are all humans and mistakes are inevitable.
· Every failure provides references; we are always better each day when we try something
· Failure offers us new ideas; they push our limits in addition to offering new things that inspire us

Ultimately, everything we do should add courage. Failure makes us wiser. Thomas Edison said that, “I’ve not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Mistakes are true references!
And as John Powell said, “The only real mistake is one we learn nothing from.”