Tips to Achieving Greater Work-Life Balance

In the current busy world, prioritizing between your personal life and your work can be a big challenge. Studies have shown that poor work-life balance results in unhealthy levels of stress, reduced productivity and even unhappiness.

Some common factors that lead to poor work-life equilibrium include:
· Working for longer hours
· Increased responsibilities at work
· Increased responsibilities at home
· Having children
The following highlighted tips are designed to help you develop, maintain and even restore balance and harmony in your personal and work life so that you can enjoy both to your utmost level.

· Set your priorities right and know what they are, not what you think they should be.
· Track your time: eliminate things that are not aligned to your priorities; be obliged to time management.
· Do one thing at a time: forget about multitasking, and rather be devoted to one task at hand. Focus solely on the main objective; when working, work! When you enjoy some good time with your family, enjoy!
· Respect your private time: give your personal time the same respect that you give to the working hours.
· Consider your finances and build on positive relationships for social and even economic support in building resilience.