Tips on How to Use Vacation to Get Closer to Fitness/Health Goals, Not Have It Set Them Back for Months

We have all been there.

You follow deity religiously only to break it with weekend binge.

You commit to more workouts and hit the gym only to struggle to get off the couch after the long day.

You are set for a vision only to be dragged down by everyday responsibilities.

The small hiccups that occur along your path of set goals don’t make you a failure, rather a human. There comes a time in your life when following your daily routine is not a walk in the park.

You don’t need superman willpower, but rather strategies that pull you back to the track. Bounce back on track right NOW!

· Tie your habit to your current behavior

· Stick to your schedule even in small ways

· Have someone who expects something from you

· Focus on what you can achieve

· Design your immediate environment for success

Generally, motivate yourself to stay fit and healthy. Keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals, stay active and follow your calendar to avoid being caught by time. Always project to have a beneficial vacation. Not just a vacation.