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SDH Fitness is dedicated to helping people like you reach their maximal potential. You might think that getting in shape and achieving your ideal physique is complex. But I want to show you how simple the solution actually is. Many fitness companies try to make things look more difficult than they need to be.

At SDH Fitness, you’ll discover simple methods focused on tried and tested solutions. There’s no nonsense, no false promises and no need to shy away from the basic methods of staying fit and healthy. I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel, it’s a matter of showing you how important it is to stick to the basics and how to apply this effectively, with smart habit formations, to deliver your goal.

My aim is to provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed and reach your full potential. Your success is my success, and I know that anyone can achieve their fitness goals as long as they are ready to roll up their sleeves and stay consistent.

My purpose is to help you realise that you don’t have to accept how you look and feel right now. You can be better, you can be stronger, you can be everything you have tried and failed to achieve before.

Stacy Edghill

Flexible options to suit your needs

I offer a variety of options to help you start your fitness journey. Both online and studio classes come with the option of paying as you go, buying a bundle of prepaid classes to use at your convenience or by far the best value for money you can subscribe to the weekly or monthly rolling membership which allows you access to unlimited classes. The added bonus for subscribers mean you will get access to my private facebook group and archived workouts – that means no excuses when you cant make a class! Subscribers will also have access to my coaching app.

Studio Class Membership

From £15 per week/ £35 for 4 weeks


  • Highly recommended SDH Fitness. I have been doing the Bootcamp classes for the last month or so and I can really see the improvement in my fitness already. Steve is so knowledgeable and makes the classes fun.

    Tracy Fothergill
  • I’ve started Steve’s classes at the beginning of the March and just in 3 weeks my fitness level went up to high! I’ve never felt so strong in my 30th as I feel in my 50+ age 💪🤗 When I’ve signed for Steve’s classes I was a bit nervous thinking I won’t manage it but after first class I felt absolutely fantastic and confident. Steve is very professional, he explains every exercise, shows modifications and give gives great feedback. Each class is simple amazing and every morning I can’t wait until the class starts! I would highly recommend Steve’s classes to everyone. Thank you Steve for your 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️job!

    Luda Coutts
  • Great class!! You are so helpful and motivating!

    XGill XA
  • I’m only a few weeks into my fitness journey with Steve but I’m already starting to see results – the biggest one is the fact that I am sticking with it!
    Steve’s 1:1 sessions are enjoyable and he is full of encouragement which has helped to keep me motivated past the point where I usually give up.
    He really understands what I want to achieve and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with him to achieve my fitness goals.

    Jacqueline James
  • Not in a million years did I think I could be a “runner”…. but Steve managed to plant some seeds of thought and, following his wisdom & mindset, I’ve progressed beyond wildest expectations, rounding of 2020 running a half marathon. (Honestly, running 3k was a big deal a few months back and here I am having done 21.1k in 2hrs 17 mins)
    Steve’s wide ranging knowledge had helped with strength, cardio and lifestyle choices, in a supportive and easygoing manner.
    Top bloke.

    Julie Hammond
  • I love Steve’s classes! He offers lots of different options so whatever level of fitness you are at you can work at your own pace. He gives supportive individual feedback throughout the classes to help you make the most of the exercises. I used to find in other fitness classes that I’d spend so much time getting up and down off the floor that the exercise would be over by the time I was ready but with Steve’s classes I can take part in every exercise and I’ve learned that speed doesn’t necessarily mean you are working effectively. Steve’s classes are targeted and are really improving my core strength, flexibility and fitness.

  • I have worked with Steve for almost a year now and he is excellent at what he does. He is very knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and healthy living. He does not judge and is super encouraging to everyone whatever their ability.

    Tracy Miller
  • Highly recommend Steve. He is fantastic with all levels of ability and gives lots of options of exercise to accommodate that. He has so much patience and great communication skills. Great in person and virtual online classes. So knowledgeable about fitness and how to achieve results.

    Sheila Lees
  • Have worked with Steve as my trainer for over a year now. Am always impressed by his great attitude which is very encouraging. He’s very experienced so always has varied and interesting exercises and understands the physiology behind the muscles being worked. He’s great both for 1 on 1 PT sessions as well as classes (really miss the classic dance tunes from an early morning spin class 😉 ).

  • I can highly recommend SDH Fitness. Steve is always positive and enthusiastic and his genuine passion for health and well-being is infectious. I have worked with Steve both in person at the gym and also ‘virtually’, he is full of encouragement and always tailors the exercise to the individual. His online classes were just what I needed to keep me motivated during lockdown. I look forward to continuing my training with Steve and having his wealth of knowledge and experience to help me achieve my own fitness goals.

    Anita Lawson
  • Steve is a first class PT with a wealth of knowledge and experience. No matter what fitness level you are, Steve caters his classes for all, while providing a supportive and personable touch at all times.

    Steve has been able to adapt to lockdown by offering a variety of classes on a virtual platform and has maintained a sense of community within his client base.

    Outwith lockdown, he also has a studio which provides 1to1 PT sessions or group workouts. All classes are seamlessly booked through the Class Fit App. The App also offers nutrition and general health programmes and Steve regularly posts on social media with nuggets of wisdom.

    Graham Cowie
  • Steve is a first class instructor who goes out of his way to develop a fitness programme to help you achieve your desired goals. His advice on nutrition and eating plans perfectly complements the fitness programme.

    Rita Stephen
  • I have had many fitness instructors and personal trainers. But Steve stands out in terms of knowledge on fitness at all levels and communication skills.

    Solange Wardell
  • (Translated by Google) Steven’s videos are motivating! He is a complete professional, because in addition to worrying about physical preparation, he thinks about the nutritional issue. I love the recipe tips he posts!

    Aline Carvalho
  • (Translated by Google) Steve is a Personal Trainer with a lot of knowledge and a very positive view of each person’s ability to do the exercises.
    It has a great ease of communication which makes it easy to follow you

    Tereza Borges
  • Can’t recommend Steve enough. Started doing online zoom classes with Steve during lockdown and it has kept me motivated and I have 2 young kids and plenty of classes to work round my kids routine

    Suzanne Winters
  • I have been doing zoom classes with Steve during lockdown. I absolutely love every class & cannot recommend him enough. He has kept me motivated & enjoying exercise at home. I would highly recommend Steve.

    Shelley Cowie
  • Lindsay Craig
    Steve's enthusiasm for health and wellbeing is highly catching. He has a wealth of experience and a personable manner. He will help you achieve your own personal goals and adapt them to your own lifestyle aims. I dare you not to improve your health habits after meeting Steve
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